Photo Portfolio Assessment

My annual countdown for a quick business self-review to a more profitable bottom line.
#3 - Photo Portfolio Assessment
Want to have your message go viral? Do you want to quickly convert a social media visitor to a customer? Consider prioritizing photography above just an afterthought.
As your annual business strategy is conducted for the new year, look at your marketing budget. Do you have a line item for photography? Who is the point person responsible? Are you planning to use your photography to tell your annual story? For a farm, for example, this might be purchasing the seed, planting, harvesting, processing and direct market selling. For a direct market fisherman, this might be selling your CSA shares, prep for the season, first of season - on the water, harvest, processing, packaging and market/distribution photos including customers choosing your product.
Technology is such that you may decide to be your own photographer, but it may be worth taking a course or getting a session with a professional photographer to get a few hints that put you a step above your competitors. Will you concentrate on photo’s or video or both? Do you need to book a professional videographer for conventional story-telling or are you upping the game by contracting for professional drone photography? Consider collaborating with others to reduce your costs and one of my favorites, of course -- marry up with a complementary product or service.
My pet peeves, as I explained in my previous post, are photos that include dirty trucks (or any container) transporting food or beverage, cigarettes of any sort near the food product, throwing product (goes to quality) AND stock images purchased on-line or provided from trade associations.
Marketing Experiments conducted a custom photo vs. stock photo A/B test on one of their client’s web pages in which an actual photo of their client ran against one of their top performing stock photos. The web page with the authentic photo saw a nearly 35 percent higher conversion rate than the page with the stock photo.
This message of stock photo’s are replicated in SEO optimization articles ad nauseum. What is concluded, by search engine companies, is that your custom photos can raise your search ranking. I’d like to offer a shout out to Meyers Farm (Bethel, Alaska). In 2017, they posted custom product photos that captured my attention as especially appealing and appetizing. Here’s one of my favorites as an example.
Lastly, please consider a balance of your photo gallery to include 1) the product 2) the product in its packaging and 3) the prepared product or how to videos. Take a moment and look at your feeds and website to see where you may want to enhance that balance in 2018.
mprove your photo footprint? Measure it via your analytics and your ROI that figure in your conversion and loyalty rates.
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