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Cordova, AK 99574
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What is your role in advancing food as medicine?
Producing and selling directly salmon with the highest nutrient values due to our quality handling, processing and distribution systems.
Tell us how your role has a positive impact i.e. your showcase moment (s).
We respect our role in offering an appealing meal, as well as a powerful medicine.

-Discover the Processed at Sea Difference -

Paradigm Seafoods provides restaurants, wholesale buyers, and source-conscious buyers a direct, premium, sourcing solution. We never take our eyes off each and every salmon, from harvest to processing to shipping.

Bill Webber, harvester and principal has developed, what is recognized among his peers as the highest quality standards of yielding premium tasting, visually appealing and highest yielding wild salmon in the world.

Customers are typically, high-end restaurants who source our product on a consistent quantity and basis during the commercial harvest season. They proudly tell the story of our unique processing and handling and consider me their personal fisherman from Alaska. We have a wonderful partnership with these businesses, year in and year out. We are proud to offer wild salmon to our customers in a way that is respectful of such a truly precious resource.

We respect our role in offering an appealing meal, as well as a powerful medicine. We recognize that the intrinsic qualities of wild salmon contributes to preventative and regenerative health.

Decades of experience and always improving his systems to optimize what we receive as his customer. Thank you Bill!
Paradigm Seafoods
Bill Webber

United States
Paradigm Seafoods Bill Webber

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