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To reduce healthcare costs and system challenges through collaborative solutions by professionals using food as the backbone of preventative and regenerative health.

Who We Are

Our message and advocacy is not about food, it is about people
Those who are struggling to navigate, define and access compassionate self-care as chronic disease and costs continue to accelerate.    We are a network that supports regenerative and preventative healthcare solutions through whole foods.
We are a food supply chain committed to realizing the fullest potential of food as medicine demonstrating a healthier population and sustainable healthcare systems. 

Our End Game

Who is the supply chain behind food as preventative and regenerative health?   Further collaborations between and among them can further support their respective positive impacts.   GFC facilitates collaborations with the intent to create an even stronger foundation to the movement of enhancing our collective health and system of healthcare. 

Why We Exist And Choose To Collaborate

How We Get There

Operating any business along the supply chain of food is challenging.   Consumer demands, government regulations, compliance requirements of buyers, competition from every direction, maintenance of quality staff, scaling up or down for buyers or suppliers and so much more.    Companies are consistently being asked to increase the pace and raise metrics in nearly every segment of their business.   It is worthy of a commendation to simply keep up.  Environmental and social influences have showcased a few leaders along the supply chain who are doing far more then just keeping up.  They are challenging themselves in terms of creating business models with positive social and environmental impacts.   We believe the time has come for the nutrient-rich food chain to be mainstream and that our membership be the businesses that carry that business proposition forward.    Why?   Because the food supply chain plays one of the largest roles in a healthy planet and people.  

We have been bringing the professional supply chain together for years and it works.  New products, channels and companies have been developed.  Markets have expanded, buyers have worked with suppliers on product development, health professionals have partnered with nutrient-rich food companies in educational media.   The model is proven.  Most importantly, we've shown direct and positive impacts to the bottom line, time and time again. 
In 2017, we're raising the bar by collaborating as we have in the past with a twist.   We know that those businesses with positive social and environmental initiatives are in touch with their customers and the world.  Now imagine those along the supply chain working together to increase the pace and capacity to do even more.
Do you harvest or market a product that has positive health impacts?
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Wild and organic foods welcome.
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