Global Food Collaborative, LLC.
Global Food Collaborative, LLC.

Our Professional Community Working Together B2B.

Optimum Health Driven By Nature

About Us

We are a collaborative of professionals in health and food supply chains coming together to increase our individual and collective momentum on preventative health and reversal of chronic disease in concert with our natural world.

See yourself below?  

You have a role. Engage now.

Harvester/Grower   Practitioner/Coach Author/Film/Podcaster |  Chef/Restaurant Owner Natural Market/Coop Wholesaler/Retailer Testing Diagnostics Health Coach/Wellness Director Farmers Market/CSA/Specialty Market Manager |  Integrative/Functional /Naturopathic Physician | Nutritionist/Dietician/Herbalist  MD/DDS/PsyD Practicing In Nutrition Natural Food/Beverage Manufacturer/Processor | Owner/Operator Learning Business Supply Chain Partner (Adding Value Along The Chain)

How You Benefit

  • Increase your influence and fully realize your role in an integrated natural food and health supply chain. 
  • Raise your business profile with others that can directly benefit your bottom line.  
  • Be at the forefront of new opportunities that leverage your expertise and grow your business.
  • Make your mark.   As a professional in your business, you want to leave your mark on better health.    Why not have others at your flank that support that can best support your vision, as well as being part of a greater collective vision?
  • Connect, communicate and collaborate in a vertically integrated structure to ensure patients and customers of the highest quality and most convenient path to whole health.

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Global Food Collaborative.Com 

GFC is not new to creating a community with common purpose.  It works.  Why?  We invite the right people to make it work.  We are professional facilitators - knowing when to help and when it is best step out of the way, meantime moving toward the goal post with greater and greater impacts and influences. We don't tolerate bad actors identified by the group. We respect your time and expertise.
We never forget that we are working with and for you.
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